Billy Pols

Billy grew up in South Africa and moved to Amsterdam at the age of sixteen. He uses to be a sponsored athlete traveling through Europe. After graduating with honours, as an art director, he started applying his visual knowledge to film.

His short film Tokkeloshe, about a rural African myth grabbed the attention of ad agencies and kick started his career. His documentary PLANK won prizes in almost every continent on the planet. Having specialized in visual communication, Billy’s multiple awards winning work is often regarded as authentic with a contemporary human touch. Underlining his vision on filmmaking, a concept needs to be visualized, not just registered.

Billy just finished the highly anticipated feature documentary about Nike sponsored skateboarder Tim Zom called ZOMBIE. The film is traveling international festivals.

His commercials work is featured in SHOTS, Ads Of The World, LLB Online, Best Ads on TV & Source E-creative. He has won numerous nominations and prizes throughout Europe.